About Our Company

Our mission is to ensure that our clients convey their thoughts clearly, concisely and confidently. Our goal is to have our clients make memorable and successful presentations and we accomplish through our proprietary methodology, the 5 P’s of Winning Presentations.

big pond communications is a small company specializing in presentation skills coaching. We work one-on-one with clients who want to be seen and heard in their professional and personal pursuits. big pond communications is located in Washington, DC.

We understand how most people feel about standing in front of an audience and making a presentation. While some people are born with the natural ability to communicate and become successful presenters — most of us dread making formal presentations.

However, if you learn and practice the 5Ps of Winning Presentations your stress levels will be reduced significantly, you will learn many of the secrets used by professional speakers and you will actually enjoy being part of today’s “big pond”!

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