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How to Accessorize Your Professional Image

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A young client recently asked me what luxury items she should purchase to accessorize her professional image.  She wanted management to take her seriously and acknowledge that she was ready to move up the career ladder.  She thought a few status additions to her wardrobe would attract management’s attention.  I asked her what pieces she thought would give her a ROI (return on investment) and help her achieve her professional objectives.  She listed some of the traditional pieces people obtain to boost their professional visibility – a Vuitton...

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“Tell Us a Story,” cried the audience! And So She Did.

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Once upon a time, audiences throughout the business kingdom grew tired of hearing motivational speakers deliver presentations peppered with, “You can do it!” – “Go for it!”  — “There is no stopping you now!”  They also had grown tired of listening to business “gurus” expound on philosophies outlined in their best-selling management tomes. Instead, they said they wanted to hear more authentic and “tried and true” messages when they attended seminars, workshops and retreats.  The audiences longed to hear presenters who could tell them...

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Was George Washington Our Country’s First Presentation Skills Coach?

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On a recent visit to Mount Vernon, George Washington’s home on the Potomac in Alexandria, Virginia, I found a book by Steven Michael Selzer.  His book, By George! Mr. Washington’s Guide to Civility Today, is a compilation of 110 Rules of Civility attributed to our first President and includes interesting commentary by Selzer on each Rule. Some additional research on the Rules led me to Foundations Magazine where I learned that the Rules were based on the works of French Jesuits dating back to the late 1500s. Historians believe that Washington...

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Do You Ask for What You Want at Work – Or Settle for What You Have?

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iVillage, Inc., a media company that focuses on women-related issues, recently released findings from its 2013 Career Week Survey.  The majority of the 1,500 women who participated in the Survey indicated that they are hesitant to ask for more money, training or career advancement. Specifically, only 19% of the respondents have ever asked for a promotion and only 35% have ever asked for a raise.[1] As a Communications Coach, who works with women to enhance their communication and presentation skills, I’m not surprised by the Survey’s...

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Improve The Quality of Your Voice

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Communication Tip of the Month If you want to be taken seriously in the corporate world, you need to speak clearly and distinctly.  Frequently, we become lax in our speaking patterns and sound unprepared and unprofessional.  Here are a few tips that will help you Speak Up and Be Heard! Learn to breathe.  Abdominal breathing, or belly breathing, allows you to fill your lungs with sufficient air to produce a strong, clear voice and gives you more stamina and energy.  This is the natural way to breathe, but most of us take short, shallow breaths...

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Feel Invisible and Ignored at Work? Learn How To Be Seen and Heard!

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Do your friends and colleagues interrupt you?   When you make a suggestion at work is it ignored; but later someone says the same thing, and the boss thinks it’s a great idea. Do you sometimes feel you are invisible and not getting the attention and respect you deserve?  All of us feel like this at one time or another.  Relax – here are easy steps you can take to ensure that you are always Seen and Heard! Sometimes all you have to do is pay attention to your nonverbal cues.  Nonverbal cues include posture, vocal quality, eye contact,...

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The 10 Dos and Don’ts of Making a Successful Presentation

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Whether you are standing behind a lectern, interviewing for a new position, participating in a team meeting, speaking with a colleague, participating in a Skype job interview, or asking for a raise – you are “on” and presenting. Make the most of all your speaking opportunities by following these presentation Dos and Don’ts. When Making a Presentation Do… 1. Plan. A successful presenter begins with a plan. Research your topic, check your facts, and be crystal clear about the message you want to convey to your audience. Prepare an outline and...

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