Body Language (Nonverbal Cues)

The content is only one aspect of your presentation. How does your audience perceive you? Don’t overlook the importance of your body language (nonverbal cues) – posture, eye contact, facial expressions, gestures, tone of voice. Be sure your actions and vocal quality complement your message. In today’s visually oriented society, style can be as important as substance — “People hear what they see!”

Skilled presenters can answer these questions.

• What nonverbal cue should be included in every presentation?
• Can you name 3 techniques to reduce your nerves before the presentation?
• When does your presentation begin?
• What non-verbal cues convey confidence?
• How can reading the phone book improve my presentation skills?
• What exercises can I do to improve the quality of my voice?
• What is the “ready position” and when should I use it?
• What nonverbal cue conveys honesty and trustworthiness to my audience?

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