Image and Professional Appearance

To be seen in today’s big pond, define your professional appearance and develop a polished podium presence. First impressions are important and once you have made an excellent impression with your professional image – you want to sustain it. Your Professional Appearance contributes significantly to your career success and influences how people react to you and your message.

Skilled presenters can answer these questions.

• What is appropriate attire, if I have been asked to give the keynote presentation at a Resort location?
• What are the best colors to wear for a video-conferenced presentation?
• Do Windsor knots convey more authority than other necktie knots?
• Is it a good idea to buy a new suit or dress for my presentation or job interview?
• What accessories should presenters always avoid?
• What should I do to produce a polished and finished look?
• What is a professional look for men and women for a job interview?
• Should I dress for where I want to be vs. where I am?

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