Lectern Attitude and Career Etiquette

To be seen and heard in today’s big pond, take time to consider how you treat others. Your communication patterns and presentation styles are influenced by the way you feel about others and how you treat them. When you practice Lectern and Career Etiquette you take the spotlight off yourself and put it on your audience and your message. People respond to your attitude and the way you treat them.

Skilled presenters can answer these questions.

• How can I reduce a hostile reaction to my message from the audience?
• How do I handle an aggressive questioner during a Q&A session?
• The moderator introduces me incorrectly. What should I do?
• How do I interview a prospective employer?
• How do I handle inappropriate questions during a job interview?
• When is it appropriate to offer my business card to a senior official?
• How would I introduce a client to my boss?

  •  How should I introduce my spouse to my boss?

• What are the most important words to use with my colleagues?

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